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A significant issue for Steve Rotheram in particular should be that if you get on a bus in Runcorn or Widnes it is significantly more expensive than if you get on the same bus in Liverpool. Or you can get a free bus pass in Liverpool at 60 including Merseyrail and at 67 in Runcorn or Widnes for buses only if they run at all. He was elected on a Ticket to sort this out. The Government should hopefully nationalise Northern Rail today or at the very least make very significant alterations to what is going on. Andy Burnham is making a lot more sense than Steve Rotheram on this i,e. work with the Government to sort this disgrace out and make the trains run on time than Steve Rotheram who is spouting climate emergency and they should have done this 18 months ago both of which may or may not be true but is not constructive in allowing him to influence a government in power for at least the next 5 years.