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Surely this comes under the Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram remit. He was elected on a ticket to improve and level up the bus services. We have yellow bus signs and a worse bus service. I haven’t heard a lot from him he should be all over this. Halton Council own 100% of Halton Transport but after trying to sell it they appear to have washed their hands of it and let it go bust. I would like to see the council discussions which led to this decision made public then we could have a proper discussion on its merits.


both Burnham and Rotherham should be looking into this given the noises they have been making around transport in the NW

We already know that an equivalent bus journey is 3 times dearer in the NW than London so why are they subsided to that extent and why are local services that they are “championing” so much being allowed to die away ?