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Moran will go well, impressive in pre season, especially against Cas at loose forward. But we only have 4 frontline props and you need 6. Sheens has said the same, but said it’s not an issue for game one. More when we pick up injury or suspensions. Hinting we are going to sign someone but are in no rush. I can see a SL loan signing happening 6 weeks in once the squads have settled down.

Baker can play prop and Sheens says he actually prefers to play in the middle. Again I think he’s been impressive in the back row in pre season and would give him a starting spot vs Oldham.  O’neil could play the odd game off the bench, but I think he’s a bit young yet and can gain experience in the reserves.

Wigan have a lot of props in this years squad so could see us taking one on a months loan, Byrne or Bullock perhaps or as I have stated previously Kibula from Warrington.