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Moran looks a good player and Farnworth is a year older so will be more involved. But we need to sign 2 more props. With the high impact in the middle you often get injuries not to mention suspensions.


Part of the problem was playing backrowers like Cahill and Hansen in the front row last year as they just don’t have the size of an out and out specialist front rower.  The Chapephows, Moran and Farnworth are all props that can do long minutes and could start the game. What i would like is a big impact prop that can come on and do two 20 minute spells and really punch some holes into the defence, get some go forward and tire the opposition out.


The problem is everyone else is looking for someone like that as well. Even Leeds, Warrington and Hull KR are all after a front rower at the moment so it’s going to be difficult for us to get someone of quality in.