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Several other Championship teams have their own “TV channel” (they are really just web pages showing lots of video content). My own team Featherstone’s “RoversTV” package costs slightly more (it’s £64.99 annually but has a discount for season ticket holders) but for that you get both full game recordings and highlights packages, post-game interviews with coach & sometimes players, and also live audio commentary on every game. You can see the setup at though obviously only members can access any of the footage, obviously it much more limited when it initally launched.

Worth pointing out that the Sky deal prohibits broadcast of highlights until (if I remember rightly) 24 hours after the game is over and full game recordings until 48 hours after the game.

When RoversTV first came out a few fans complained at first that things that had previously been free (audio commentary and post-game interviews) were now only available as part of the subscription package, but most quickly realised that for about £1 a week they were getting much better coverage whilst also helping the club with income streams. Win/win.