Reply To: Any News on the Recruitment front?

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A better option provided they are season long or at least for several months!
Got to say I’m a little confused about our financial situation. OK the crowd funding and the VIQI donations kept us afloat, in 2019, but we also had to fund a full time squad, including our equivalent of a marquee player. I realise that the RFL have set a cap based on our submissions to them, but we must be much better off than in 2019, both in terms of increased income and reduced expenditure. Therefore you would assume that our salary cap would be adjusted upwards accordingly? I would have thought then that our recruitment would be as strong (or stronger) as any “normally funded” club. OK not a ball been kicked in anger yet and season a while off still, but 22 players, several of whom have limited first team game time, seems a bit of a thin squad to see us through the season. Yes we have some very decent players in there, but quite a few we don’t know too much about yet. Be nice to get some decent additions, be they loans or whatever, announced soon!