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It’s a long season, they looked good this time last year but fell off half way through the season. Time will tell, on paper they should be in the top 3.
<p style=”text-align: left;”>Salford have fallen away as lost too many players. Wigan still don’t look good enough to me despite a few signings, Burgess looks to be injured so could be an expensive mistake but should be top 5. Leeds not good enough for the size of the club and stadium and I don’t rate the coach, mid table. Hull on paper should win the league but can’t get the consistency, will they this year? If they don’t make the grand final I can see them changing coach. Saints for me should have signed 1 new player, excellent last year but if you stand still you go backwards. Wire, Wigan and Hull are all stronger on paper and a new signing freshers things up.</p>