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Yes indeed, Niel Hudgell has threatened legal action against Catalan if HKR suffer any financial loss. I do not know how he would be able to prove this unless there was a mass public protest and fans categorically saying they were staying away because of Folau’s signing and then he would have to prove how many stay aways were season ticket holders or on the gate payers.

As repugnant as his beliefs are, I still think he will be a draw not a deterrent.

I do not believe personally that any true Christian would hold these beliefs, as (imo ), only god has the right to judge the way any man lives their life and any loving god would surely judge a person by how well they lived their life and not by sexual orientation.

This life can be hard enough and if people find someone to love and share their lives with then good luck to them and who are we to judge.

Anyway,end of sermon, the top and bottom of the matter is that another great player has tried very hard to throw his career away, this time by being a brainless bigot, again in my opinion.