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* If you’d like to play, there’s no need to ask. Just post your predictions in any week’s fixture thread and you’re in!
* You can join at any time
* Predict the winning team for or say “draw” for each game
* The result used will be the final published score after any “Golden Points” are included
* Predictions for all games each week must be made at the same time
* Predictions must be in before the game starts.
* Once you’ve posted your predictions, you cannot change them
* If you miss a game, or are too late to post, you can still enter predictions for all games that haven’t yet started. (e.g. You miss a Friday night game, or the early kick off/first games of the day, you can still post for games starting later that day, and/or Saturday and Sunday games)
* Each correct prediction gets 1 point, or 4 points if you predict a draw
* If you predict all results correctly, you’ll also get a bonus point, except for the later rounds when there are only one or two games
* In any dispute, my decision is final. 🙂

To help me…
Please make your predictions in the same order as I post them. It really helps!

That’s it. Enjoy the season.