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As has been said we will just have to wait and see, but you assume that there has been some dialogue as to who we may get and what each side will get out of it. As most have said we need DR this season. I’m sure we are still looking for extra players and I am hoping the RFL will relax the salary cap, as we submit a better than predicted financial position (assuming that is true!). The widening of reserve grade needs has clearly put some pressure on the player pool available, which will hopefully settle down.

One disappointment is that Tim has not been able to use his contacts in Australia to unearth a nugget or two from the various 2nd grade competitions. It maybe of course that its all down to pound notes. To tempt someone over they presumably need at least the equivalent of what they are earning there and a job, so not straightforward if things are tight! Maybe there is hope down the road if our finances end up as better than predicted!