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There is s reference to us using their Performance personnel to help us. This maybe the advice of their conditioners (which, from the TS article we haven’t got). This could be a plus for our youngsters and overall the deal could be a help this season.

I may be over-cautious but it seems to give Wire a pretty big involvement in our youngsters. Plenty of time to pick out our talent and bend their ears. While we are growing in confidence as a ‘new’ club we may have to swallow that but, in the back of my mind is the Uncle Maurice voice talking about merging with Warrington.

I guess that the only way open to us as supporters is to suck it and see, but to give our support first and foremost to our club. Our Board and management are, in my view, making great strides in the right direction no doubt encouraged by the weight of support that has made itself felt. Keep it up!!!