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I agree with Viking Man that “clumsy” would sum it up. Did it warrant sending off? Yes, but for me it was not an “attack” on the head, so I reckon a three match ban would be fair. Great to see Powell up and about at the end of the game, and hopefully he suffered no injuries from the incident. Spelly.


not so sure about that, hitting him once round the head is clumsy, hitting him again with the other arm is pushing it but then pulling his head back with both arms as he was falling is outright dangerous


saying that i thought Wire put up a good show, trying to keep the ball alive and run Wigan around , i was surprised Wigan chose to die with ball on a number of occasions rather than pop over a drop that would have sealed the game and even though the PTB was tidyed up slightly i was disappointed that players are still allowed to just roll it back rather than even attempting to play it with the foot as promised