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So in his remorseful state. Obviously before he said the same things about the bush fires a week or two back. He has not removed the comments. I think it has nothing to do with political correctness. It’s more sinister than that.


So he quotes from the bible and lists 25 sins which includes homosexuality alongside “repent or hell awaits” and  “only Jesus saves”  and that is twisted and reported as he said “all gays are going to hell” completely ignoring all the other “sins” listed as well and hes the sinister one ?

its funny how no one mentions him appearing on the front of a magazine to support and promote a gay cup competition for cup both male and female gay players

as a lying, thieving , drunken fornicator, alongside a few more of the sins listed, i wasnt offended by his post even though im now probably on santas naughty list as well

and the hypocrisy is, as can be seen in this thread , hes being persecuted for his religious beliefs by those who preach tolerance because his beliefs dont conform to their lifestyle